1. Download the application form attached to this page
  2. Complete the application form answering all required fields and assignments
  3. Send the application via e-mail to: contact@tcnmie.org or by post to NDC Skopje Training Centre str. Bahar Mois No. 4, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia

* The incomplete applications will not be considered.

  Application for BASIC LEVEL TRAINING  

Basic Level Training

The Program for these basic trainings has been drafted and structured to enable all teachers, pedagogues, psychologists, directors of primary and secondary schools, as well as students from the Teaching Faculties and other stakeholders, to learn the characteristics, specifics and acquisitions of the Nansen model for integrated education, and to develop the skills for successful direct implementation of the “Programs for integrated extracurricular activities” in schools with multiethnic structure of students.


Advanced Level Training

The training program is conceptualized and structured to enable all teachers, pedagogues, psychologists, sociologists, directors of primary and secondary schools as well as representatives of most of the educational institutions in R.M. such as Bureau for Development of Education, State Education Inspectorate, municipal representatives of education departments but also other subjects that are interested to increase and upgrade their knowledge and skills related to the idea, concept and methodology used to implement the Nansen Model for Integrated Education as a contemporary educational tendency and trend.