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About the Training Centre

The NDC Skopje Training Centre is dedicated to provide practical and theoretical training on the Nansen model for integrated education (NMIE) and to ensure professional development of teachers, professors, pedagogues, psychologists, education inspectors and school managers that will help them successfully establish and implement integrated education activities within their schools.

Using the five-year experience from the work on development and establishing integrated primary and secondary education in Macedonia, the Team of Nansen Dialogue Center Skopje in partnership with relevant experts and institutions has created a package of basic and advanced level trainings that will enable schools and education sector employees reach their true potential in the field of integrated education.

To ensure the best programs and trainings for professional development, the Training Centre has engaged both local and international expert trainers with extensive experience in the field of teacher training and integrated education.

The structure of the trainings that will be held in this Training Centre is 60% theory and 40% practical work. The theoretical part is realized within the Training Centre facilities whereas the practical part will be held in the Nansen model schools that are additionally equipped for this purpose. The total duration of the training cycles is two years.

The project Nansen model for integrated education including the Training Centre is financially supported from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Kingdom Norway.

About the Nansen model for integrated education

The Nansen model for integrated education (NMIE) is a contemporary education model, which promotes and supports the integration processes in schools with mixed ethnic composition of students in multiethnic municipalities. The model was developed and practically applied in 2007 after a 2 years’ work on promotion and facilitation of dialogue and reconciliation projects in post-conflict and segregated municipalities in Macedonia. Since then, the model is successfully implemented in few selected primary and secondary schools throughout different municipalities in Macedonia and has demonstrated excellent results.

NMIE is recognized and accepted both locally and internationally, and in 2011 the Nansen Dialogue Center Skopje was awarded by the OSCE – HCNM with the Max van der Stoel prize for achieving outstanding results in promoting integrated education and improving co-operation between different ethnic communities.

To learn more about the schools that apply the NMIE please click here.

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Basic level training – lectures with local experts

In the period February 27 to March 9, 2018 teachers from five groups (Group 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23) participants in the advanced level training program within the NDC Skopje Training Centre, attended the lecture organized as part of the sixth workshop from training program...

Nansen Training Centre welcomes five new groups of teachers

February 26, 2018- During the month of February 2018, Nansen Training Centre for Intercultural education enrolled Groups 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28 in the Basic level training for intercultural education. The newly enrolled groups are consisted of teachers that come from the following schools...

Lectures with local experts within the advanced level of training

In the period from 15th to 27th November 2017, the participants of groups 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 included in the advanced level of training for integrated education within the NDC Skopje Training Center attended the lecture conducted by Prof. Elena Achkovska-Leskovska, Ph.D., from the Institute...

Lecture with international expert held for adcvanced level participants

On September 30, 2017, NDC Skopje Training Centre organized a lecture with the distinguished international expert, prof. Zvi Bekerman who is part of the international team of trainers within the Training Centre for integrated education.